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Helping People Find Their Inner Harmony and their path to the Divine.

Tuning the Physical and Spiritual World into Your Own Song.

What working with Deana looks like...

Deana is a renowned Medium who has dedicated her life and healing practices for helping people in a variety of ways that extend far past that of a traditional psychic experience.  When you connect with Deana, she utilizes a deep toolbox of skills to bring profound and meaningful solutions to handle every day problems or major life transitions. 

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My Story

I discovered my spiritual gift as a Medium at the age of 6 years old. I knew I was different, but I tried to find normalcy as much as possible.  I sought ways to use "my gift" in harmony with my intense desire to heal and help people through my daily interactions.  As a military wife and a mother I spent many years traveling abroad. More often than not, whenever I left the house, I would be guided to help perfect strangers with their life's struggles. I would be blessed to deliver a message from their deceased loved ones, or I was able to see a physical disease or illness in someone that I felt compelled to prescribe healing techniques and advice for.


I did not seriously pursue using my gift for my career until my beloved husband (and best friend) died suddenly and tragically, leaving me as a single mom in deep grief.  The spiritual gifts awakened stronger than ever as I found myself in an enhanced state of empathy for those who have experienced great loss. I knew immediately that I must dedicate myself full time to developing my gifts and talents into a career focused on helping others.  

I consider myself a humble conduit and tool for God to use in order to help His beautiful children (us) know that they are loved and extremely important in this world. You can heal; you can become free from your past trauma and burdens; you can find your divine purpose for being alive on this amazing planet.


Please reach out to me if you would like my help to start that process. 


Deana does not see her gifts as "services" but rather "offerings"....offerings first to GOD and then for the healing benefit of her clients.  


Physical and Emotional

Deana is a trained Reiki Master, which allows her to practice using universal life-force energy as a form of healing.  When this is used in harmony with her born psychic abilities, allows for her to offer healing arts both in person and also telepathically around the world. 

Life Coaching

Career + Relationships

Many people find themselves at key crossroads in their lives where they are faced with difficult decisions regarding their career, family life, and even romantic relationships. Deana has helped many people navigate these situations and find inner peace and joy. 


Spiritual Realm

Deana's God-given gift as a Medium allows for her to connect with the spiritual realm and communicate with those who have left the physical world. This gift is utilized to facilitate the healing and peace of the family and loved ones who are seeking closure or a spiritual peace through the trauma of death. 

What People Have Said...

"She has blessed my family and friends in similar ways and there is no doubt in my mind that she is a gifted medium and true healer of this world. I feel that Deana has helped me develop my own spiritual gifts and recognize my own potential to walk my highest path of giving love, light, and healing to others on their path."


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